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Ashlyn, the Hysterical Blog founder

I live in Texas with my husband & two dogs, all of whom barely tolerate me, although usually better than I tolerate myself. I like my coffee like I like my men—tall, cheap, & dairy intolerant—and consider myself a professional sleeper with amateur abilities. I have a very dry sense of humor, and I'm told it's off putting.


I've also struggled with anxiety since childhood. But as I entered my twenties, it began to spiral out of control -- like, Dorothy-in-a-twister-on-her-way-to-Oz, spiral. I finally sought therapy at 27, but I needed a way to process my thoughts when they overwhelmed me, a way to feel less alone. Wine just wasn't cutting it this time. All it did was stain my teeth & lead to the dreaded wine weeps we're all familiar with. I know you are. Stop lying to me & to yourself. 


I created this to tell my stories with anxiety & depression and to build a community for myself & for others who don't always have it together. I'm currently assuming that's everyone on Earth. If you do, please tell me your secrets. Did you sell your soul to the Devil? Or perhaps you brew Felix Felicis in your toilet? Snorting some ground unicorn horn or just plain old cocaine? What is it? Tell me! But truly, I've felt isolated for some time while I've fought to free myself from my own mind. It's been hard and lonely and sad. 


So as you get to know me (and I assume, love me), please reach out and connect. I'd love to hear your stories & challenges and learn the ways we all cope with the trauma of life. Be a part of my community, and in return, I hope to be a part of yours. 



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